Vilhelm Pedersen

Thomas Vilhelm Pedersen (1820-1859) was first and still considered as ‘official’ illustrator of Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales. These illustrations are all in Public Domain.

They were made for five volumes of Andersen’s Fairy Tales when Hans Christian was already a popular writer. Vilhelm Pedersen was naval officer by profession and he was hired to make drawings for 80 of Andersen’s tales. They are all black and white and they were cut into wood before printed and published in Leipzig by Carl B. Lorck. Illustrated Andersen’s Fairy Tales were published in Denmark only after being published in Germany.

Pedersen is known by his soft line drawings, just perfect for the Andersen’s storytelling style, but unfortunately many details from drawings were lost due the limitations of printing (every drawing had to be engraved in wood, remember?) process.

Welcome to the gallery of Vilhelm Pedersen’s images:

I hope you enjoyed in this masterpiece. Who knows what would Vilhelm Pedersen create if he didn’t die only a month and few days after his 39 th birthday?

3 thoughts on “Vilhelm Pedersen

  1. I have a Bing & Grondalh porcelain plate which was given to me 30 or more years ago. I would like to get a little more information regarding this plate before passing on. It is the “Emporer’s New Suit (or New Clothes) by Hans Christian Andersen. The plate is colored and says it is from a pencil drawing by Vilhelm Pedersen. The number on the plate is 8843/628. It’s value is not that important to me – I am just curious about the plate.

    • Well, I am not authority on porcelain, but based on your data I can suggest you to visit Bing & Grondalh web page (I think they are still in business and going strong – just look under the name Royal Porcelain Factory or Royal Copenhagen). It is very good chance to get some interesting data through their contact form.

      If you find something interesting about Vilhelm Pedersen or about your porcelain plate (I am 90 percent sure it is collectible), you are more than welcome to share with us. This post is pretty popular:)

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