Snow White & 7 Dwarfs in Pictures

Pictures, Illustrations, Drawings from the Story of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs

Snow White is one of rare classic fairy tale character with explicit description of her looks. she is not just ‘young, beautiful, fare, …’ but we learn about her skin, white as snow, lips, red as blood, and hair, black, as ebony. This puts illustrations in quite specific different situation. They have much more freedom at othe popular heroes and heroines of stories for children.

Yet some of them portrayed her quite differently. But first things first.

Let’s go through the treasury of classic illustrations for Grimm’s Fairy Tale Snow White and Seen Dwarfs one step at the time.

These illustrations by Richard Andre come from 1891 edition of Grimm’s Household Fairy Tales by McLoughlin Brothers, New York:

Among most popular illustrations we find presented pictures by Carl Offterdinger:

Theodor Hosemann’s approach is more artistic and less -child-friendly.

This is a painting, but Hosemann also illustrated a picture book where drawings are way more simplicistic.

His illustrations are pretty dark and very to-the-point. Illustrations from the book (we used publication from 1852) are not just relatively simple, but in some cases used more than once. The one above is printed twice and the one with the evil queen in front of the mirror four (!) times. Well, the queen at least wears three different colors of her dress in this case.

Full picture book is presented here.

Walter Crane made next two illustrations for Grimm’s Household Stories, published by Macmillan in 1882:

It’s interesting to compare black line drawings and a color picture, all done by Eugene Klimsch:

Next set of illustrations by Franz Juttner comes from stand-alone picture book published in 1910 and is among the best known-ones among collectors:

John Dixon-Batten made this painting in 1897:

Next two drawings were done in 1916 by the same author:

To be continued…

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